Exercises are self-motivated activities to keep fit. Here at the CPM tutor, exercises are provided to assist you to practice what you have learned in previous sections of the tutorial. The exercises in Chapter 7 are provided to assist you to assess your understanding of sequence and duration as described by arrow diagrams, precedence diagrams, and fenced-bar charts.

exercise 4 - build the door

Using the set of tasks, their sequence and duration, shown below, build an arrow diagram, a precedence diagram, and a fenced-bar chart.

ID Activity Following
(work hours)
1 Make Door 2, 3 4
2 Install Lock on Door 6 1
3 Install Hinges on Door 6 1
4 Assemble Door Frame 5, 6 5
5 Install Doorbell on Frame 7 2
6 Hang Door 7 3
7 Clean-up Site none 2
8 Deliver Door Template 1, 4 2
9 Deliver Lock Hardware 2, 4 3
10 Deliver Hinge Hardware 3, 4 4

Extra Credit

Assume that the workers on an 8-hour day. How many days will the project require?

What difference would it make if there were only one worker, only two workers. Show the answer by modifing the schedule logic as needed?