is there a CPM tutor book?

Yes! McGraw-Hill Education published the CPM tutor in hardcopy and Kindle editions in February 2015. Get it here!.

what is the CPM tutor?

The CPM tutor is a pratical guide to construction scheduling using the most commonly used technique, the Critical Path Method.

The CPM tutor will not teach you how to use Primavera or MS Project. The CPM tutor will, however, demonstrate why some of the advanced features of these systems can help manage your projects.

who can use the CPM tutor?

construction contractors
Are you reading the scheduling requirements for some new customer and wondering what this is all about? You’ve come to the right place. By looking at How to Start, before, trying to create schedules you should save yourself quite a bit of time and effort down the road. Of course if you have to cost-load the schedule, then Getting Paid may also be helpful.

project managers
If you’re not actually operating the scheduling software, but need to understand what the schedule is telling you, then Scheduling Gotchas is the section for you.

scheduling practitioners
There are several advanced topics that you might have read about, or even tried, in your software. You will find Using the Schedule and Advanced Topics pages helpful.

construction management faculty
The materials provided here can be presented in either a two day professional workshop as a supplement to classroom instructions. Please feel free to use materials provided here in your courses. Citations back to the site are my only request. An instructor’s booklet with solved problems is also being developed. For more informaiton please visit the Contact page.

how to use the CPM tutor?

to learn CPM schedling
If you want to take the whole course on construction scheduling, start at the top of the table of contents and work your way through the pages. As you proceed, stop and try to work through the questions posed in the text. By trying these problems your understanding of effective use of CPM for construction scheduling will increase.

to answer a question
Often the language of any new domain is confusing. If you need to understand the meaning of a particular CPM scheduling term, please check the Glossary as a place to start.

to solve a specific problem?
Adult learners do not typically seek out training unless they are trying to solve a specific problem. If this is you, then you should start off by scanning the table of contents to see if this tutorial contains informaiton pertaining to the problem you need to solve.